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Daddy: you be a good girl while Daddy's at work princess okay
Me: okies Daddy, but... um
Daddy: spit it out baby I'm gonna be late
Me: I haven't had cummys all week...
Daddy: I am aware...
Me: ... I'm squishy Daddy
Daddy: and?
Me: *wriggles* can I has them please Daddy. Can I cum please
Daddy: I want you to edge all day babygirl and if your panties are wet enough when I get home then I'll think about letting you cum
Me: *whines* *whimpers* *gets wet*
Daddy: have a great day princess *kisses my head*
gookgod: all yall goin to hell
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im so bitter rn and i shoud just go to sleep but im watching one piece so i cant

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omg i think i actually gave myself a concussion yesterday when i fell and slammed my head into my dresser„ ,like should go to the hospital or can it just ice it like honestly..  im so annoyed what a hassle like im just tryna live a simple anime lifestyle

before you send someone an ugly message perhaps exfoliate your skin, set some life goals and contemplate why you’ve reached this point

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